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Because of you


got a second chance.

Because of you

The Guys

got to stay together.

Because of you


found a forever home.


Giving Hearts Day is more than one day. It leads to a lifetime of generosity.
Individuals, businesses, and schools alike are called to share in the joy of giving. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the celebration, whether it be through your time, talents, or voice. With nearly 500 charities participating, there is an abundance of ways to help. We have the resources for you to maximize your efforts with the charity(ies) your heart chooses.
Find your role in the wave of giving that is flooding the region. Give wholeheartedly this Giving Hearts Day.
Giving Hearts Day Individuals


Group of volunteers building a house wearing a facemask during the COVID-19 pandemic



Learn about how to participate in Giving Hearts Day 2022!

Charity Participation

Featured Charities

Micah Cornerstone Ministries, Inc

The local and global mission of MCM is a Christ-centered, gospel-commanded ministry working to break generational poverty, teach a valuable skill, equip Pastors in remote areas, and spread the gospel.

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Cru Northern Plains Campuses (Western, Central, and Northern ND)

Movements passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We seek to create spiritual communities everywhere and are committed to helping reach everyone with the message of God’s love.

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University of Mary

The University of Mary is raising funds to support future teachers and health care workers to honor those professions who served heroically during the pandemic, as well as our athletic program.

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Countdown to Giving Hearts Day

February 11, 2021