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Charity FAQs

Participation and Training

If your organization is interested in Giving Hearts Day we invite you to review the 2021 Giving Hearts Day Criteria and Policies with your staff and board. This will help you understand if your charity has the capacity to run a successful campaign. The Giving Heats Day Team is also available to answer any questions you may have about participation.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we have nearly 500 charity organizations participating in Giving Hearts Day and they are all different from each other in mission and size. Our goal is to help charities define and achieve their own version of success.

Yes, there is a $725 subscription fee to Giving Hearts Day. This annual payment includes trainings, webinars, access to the website giving platform and opportunities to qualify for incentives and awards.

Additionally, there is a donation fee of 2.9% per total donation plus 30 cents per cart assessed to cover credit card provider charges, technology platform, and processing incurred through our technology partner. Donors are asked if they would like to cover this in addition to their donation in the checkout process.

Let us know that you would like to be on our contact list for Giving Hearts Day 2021 by filling out this form:

We will reach out to you in June of 2020 to walk you through the application process. Applications period for Giving Hearts Day 2021 opens on Monday, June 8th and closes on Friday, August 14th.

Giving Hearts Day Kick Off Training is required annually and provides you with a pathway and resources for your Giving Hearts Day experience. It is followed up by High Impact Fundraising Training which is required every other year. Anyone from your staff, board or volunteer team is welcome to attend and fulfill that requirement.

We also proved a wide range of training through webinars, coaching, and small group sessions. All of these are available to you with your Giving Hearts Day subscription, but completely optional.


No. The majority of matching dollars are raised by the charities from their own generous donors. Every organization is required to raise a minimum $4,000 match for Giving Hearts Day. Dakota Medical Foundation hosts the day, provides administrative support, and offers matching funds to a limited number of health related nonprofits within the DMF service area.

To view the DMF service area please click here:


All donations made on are passed directly to your bank account, via Stripe, our payment processor. Checks may also be taken as Giving Hearts Day donations.