Impact Institute | Giving Hearts Day - a Fundraising Event for Charities

High Impact Institute

You can’t fund your mission when there’s no money. Without the skills to consistently fundraise for their important work, nonprofits struggle to gain traction. That’s where the Impact Institute comes in.

The High Impact Institute is a capacity-builder. It helps organizations build their fundraising capabilities to thrive and resolve challenges for the long-term, instead of only addressing their current needs. The Institute teaches nonprofits to “fish.” For more than a decade, the Institute’s fundraising training and resources have helped hundreds of regional charities dramatically increase their donor bases and create sound financial footing.

All participating Giving Hearts Day charities attend High Impact Institute Fundraising Training at least every other year, and most find it so valuable that they attend every year. Whether you’re a beginning fundraiser, a veteran, or somewhere in between, the Institute has valuable knowledge and resources to help you expand your impact.