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Participate in Giving Hearts Day 2022

We are currently working on updating the participation criteria and policies for Giving Hearts Day 2022. Please review some of the benefits of being a Giving Hearts Day Charity and let us know if you would like Giving Hearts Day participation updates.
Any nonprofit in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota with a 501(c)(3) designation is eligible to apply for Giving Hearts Day participation. We review all applicants to ensure that each organization is a valid nonprofit and is adequately prepared to run a successful Giving Hearts Day campaign.
  • Over 42,000 donors gave on Giving Hearts Day 2021
  • On average, donors give to 2 charities
  • Over $100 million dollars raised for local charities since 2008
Community Engagement
  • 336 Giving Hearts Businesses
  • 25 Giving Hearts Schools
  • Churches and service clubs across the state
  • Resources to tell the Giving Hearts Day story to your network
  • Awards and incentives given year round for fundraising and volunteerism
Fundraising Training
  • World-class fundraising training, coaching, and resources from the Impact Institute
  • High Impact Fundraising Assessment 
  • Statewide marketing to raise awareness of Giving Hearts Day
  • Training and toolkits provided to help you tell your story 
Giving Platform
  • Safe and secure
  • Low processing fees 
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Participate in 2022

Is your charity interested in participating in Giving Hearts Day? The application period for Giving Hearts Day 2022 will open in June of 2021. Click below to get updates!