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Participate in Giving Hearts Day 2021

Any nonprofit in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota with a 501(c)(3) designation is eligible to apply for Giving Hearts Day participation. We review all applicants to ensure that each organization is a valid nonprofit and is adequately prepared to run a successful Giving Hearts Day campaign.

All charities are required to pay a $725 subscription fee to participate in Giving Hearts Day, which gives your organization access to the following:


  • More than 30,000 donors gave on Giving Hearts Day 2019
  • On average, donors give to 2.3 charities
  • Nearly $75 million dollars raised for local charities since 2008

Community Engagement

  • 96 Giving Hearts Businesses
  • 17 Giving Hearts Schools
  • Churches and service clubs across the state
  • Resources to tell the Giving Hearts Day story to your network


  • $40,000 in donor boosts on Giving Hearts Day
  • $300,000 in awards and incentives
  • More than $300,000 in awards available from local businesses

Fundraising Training

  • World-class fundraising training, coaching, and resources from the Impact Institute
  • High Impact Fundraising Assessment 


  • Statewide marketing to raise awareness of Giving Hearts Day
  • Training and toolkits provided to help you tell your story 

Giving Platform

  • Safe and secure
  • Low processing fees 

Eligibility Criteria

Giving Hearts Day has become a social movement and wellspring of generosity throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Having a sound set of policies and criteria is important in helping to grow Giving Hearts Day not only in terms of funds raised but also in terms of cultivating a sense of confidence and support from donors. Below are two Giving Hearts Day 2020 eligibility checklists for participating nonprofits. Please reach out to with any questions regarding your organization’s eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria (Required)

  • Be a 501(c)(3) IRS tax‐exempt organization in good standing or have a fiscal host that is a 501(c)(3) IRS tax‐exempt organization in good standing
  • Have participated in an Impact Institute High Impact Fundraising Training at least once since 2017
  • Have an active Giving Hearts Day subscription (must be fully paid by September 30, 2019)
  • Have raised a minimum of $4,000 on Giving Hearts Day 2019 (if applicable)
  • Review and sign off on the Dakota Medical Foundation Giving Hearts Day policies
  • Complete one Giving Hearts Day application and one 2019 Impact Institute Fundraising Assessment by the deadline of Friday, August 16, 2019 

Eligibility Criteria (Preferred)

  • Your organization should have the following:
    • Annual board of directors review of your organization’s strategic and/or operating plan
    • Annual executive director performance review
    • Regular review of the organization’s budget and financials by the Board of Directors
    • Annual independent financial audit performed and available for public inspection
    • Maintenance and operation of bylaws and articles of incorporation
    • Have a significant local presence (i.e., physical office), active programming within North Dakota or northwestern Minnesota, local governing control, and attest that 100% of the money raised will be used locally*
  • Have at least one paid staff member
  • Have an annual operating budget of $100,000 or more 

*Limited exceptions may be made for organizations located in North Dakota or northwestern Minnesota that have local governing control but invest their resources outside of this service area. 

Annual Charity Expectations

  • Application submitted
  • High Impact Fundraising Assessment completed
  • $725 subscription fee
  • Attend Giving Hearts Day training
  • Attend Impact Institute High Impact Fundraising training (every other year)
  • Build or update your organization’s giving site profile
  • Connect to Stripe
  • Secure and report $4,000 in matching funds that stays with your organization
  • Submit marketing materials for review 
Download 2020 Criteria


It is with a glad heart that Dakota Medical, Impact, and the Alex Stern Family Foundations partner to host Giving Hearts Day. Each year, Giving Hearts Day grows in size and substance, and with that growth, we have a responsibility to our partner organizations to communicate clear policies and guidelines around event participation and distribution of funds. Any questions can be directed to

I. Giving Hearts Day 2020 Overview

  • Deadlines: We will make every effort to communicate upcoming deadlines. With more than 450 participating charities, we ask that you make every effort to meet these deadlines.
  • Participation: All potential Giving Hearts Day participants are screened based on a specific set of criteria, which can be found at Please note that meeting all eligibility criteria does not automatically guarantee acceptance, and missing any single criterion is not always an automatic disqualifier. Please review the full participation eligibility policy below for more information.
  • Match: All 2020 Giving Hearts Day participants are required to secure a minimum of $4,000 match from an external funding source(s). Most organizations raise more than $4,000, which contributes to their overall growth and ability to deliver on their respective charters.
  • Funding: DMF reserves the right to determine how our award and incentive dollars will be used. Please review the full funding eligibility policy below for more information. 

II. Participation Eligibility and Funding Eligibility

Participation Eligibility

While any regional charity is welcome and able to apply for participation, we reserve the right to decline a charity’s application if we feel they could become a distraction to Giving Hearts Day’s ultimate goal, which is to unite the community in a single day of hope and generosity. While not comprehensive, the following is a list of examples of what we would consider to be potential distractions:

  • Charity has a track record of not completing the Giving Hearts Day pathway (missed deadlines, absent from required trainings, failed to raise minimum match)
  • Misreporting of match and day-of fundraising totals
  • Charity’s participation could primarily become a political statement

Funding Eligibility

If a participating charity provides services that conflict with the DMF charter’s mission to serve all life from conception onward, it is ineligible for Giving Hearts Day award money, both performance-based and otherwise.

III. Community Fund and Place-of-Worship Guidelines

DMF and Impact Foundation’s aim is to support all nonprofit partners and the communities they serve. We recognize that, at times, our community fund and place-of-worship partners participate with our nonprofit members to support those programs in being successful. Generally, intermediaries are not accepted for Giving Hearts Day participation, although limited exceptions are made for programs of community funds and places of worship that provide a specific service that improves health and quality of life (e.g., homeless shelters).

These organizations are required to select a specific program of focus for funds raised during Giving Hearts Day participation. After approval, the selected program will be promoted on (in the organization’s profile), on, and in all Giving Hearts Day marketing materials.

IV. Permissible Funds That Count Toward Your Official Giving Hearts Day Total

Eligible Donations

The following donations qualify for awards, incentives, and prizes on Giving Hearts Day:

  • Checks from individuals and businesses prior to or on the day, dated for Giving Hearts Day
  • Donations received online through the site as a scheduled gift or on the day
  • Grants received by DMF and distributed at our annual celebration
  • Incentives and door prizes granted by DMF
  • Grants received with the intent of the funder to be used for the organization’s operations and to be counted as a Giving Hearts Day donation by the funder
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is eligible but must be liquidated to cash and in the possession of the member organization on Giving Hearts Day 

Ineligible Donations

The following donations do not qualify participating organizations for awards, incentives, and prizes on Giving Hearts Day:

  • Funding received with the clear purpose to redistribute to other participating organizations (i.e., funds received with the intent to be redistributed to other entities as redistribution funds)

V. Distribution of Funds on Giving Hearts Day

All participating organizations receive online donations through our payment processing system, Stripe. Offline transactions received at DMF are processed by staff and volunteers on your behalf.

These donations come in the form of incentives, business donations, and individual check entries. All monies designated toward a nonprofit and passed through DMF and Impact Foundation will be distributed during our auditing process the 60 days following Giving Hearts Day, February 13, 2020.

In the unfortunate event that a donation entry error is made that results in a larger donation than the donor intended, DMF and Impact Foundation will not be held financially responsible for said clerical error. 

Download 2020 Policies

Other Important Information for Giving Hearts Day 2020

  • Each year, Giving Hearts Day grows in size and substance. We strive to offer valuable training and technical assistance while remaining connected to our nonprofit partners. To deliver on these objectives, all applications must be received by Friday, August 16, 2019.
  • Any new applications or inquiries received after Friday, August 16, 2019, will be added to our contact list for Giving Hearts Day 2021.
  • A Giving Hearts Day 2020 Subscription is $725. That fee will increase to $825 if received after Monday, September 30, 2019.
  • All Giving Hearts Day 2020 participants are required to secure and report a minimum of $4,000 in match funding from an external funding source(s) by Monday, January 27, 2020.
  • As with any donor, Dakota Medical Foundation reserves the right to determine how our award and incentive dollars will be used.
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Participate in 2021

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